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  • 1 Enter telephone number

  • 2 Choose the amount to be loaded

    Vali laetav summa
  • 3 Payment via bank

    Pangalinkide valik

ZEN recommends!

So that you don’t run out of talktime right when you need it, we recommend setting up a standing order. You can do this in your Internet bank or at a bank branch.

When you load talktime via your bank, remember to mark Elisa Eesti AS as the recipient. You’ll also need the reference number for your Prepaid card. You can find this by dialling *135*59#

Choose the bank account that suits you:

  • Swedbank EE592200221023535360
  • SEB Pank EE651010220034128016
  • LHV EE487700771001209375
  • Luminor Bank EE401700017001943816 *

* Bank transfer after 4pm or over the weekend will reach your prepaid card by 10am on the next working day.

Load money with a top-up card

If you add talktime using a top-up card, enter the top-up code by dialling *135*laadimiskood# and then hit the ‘Call’ button. The talktime will be added straight away.

Bear in mind that two types of top-up cards are available: one where you scratch to reveal the top-up code and one where the code’s printed on your receipt. You don’t have to scratch to reveal the latter as it’s right there to see on the paper.

Top-up cards are sold all over Estonia – for example in post offices, Maxima and Selver supermarkets, R-kiosks, petrol stations and more than 1500 other sales points.

From the account of a contractual client

  • 1A contractual client of Elisa should enter the code *135*prepaid card number# on their mobile phone and call

  • 2The instructions for proceeding are sent to their phone, and they are also available for reading on Elisa’s website.

  • 3The call time you have loaded is available on your prepaid mobile phone card right away, no need to wait.

For example, if your prepaid card number is 5656 5656, your friend needs to dial *135*56565656# and follow the instructions they’re then given in order to load the money. Detailed instructions about loading money from the account of a contractual customer can also be found on the Elisa website.

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