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Shutdown of 3G network by 2025


Shutdown of 3G network by 2025

Customers' expectations for mobile internet have increased immensely over the years, both in terms of volumes and speeds, and the 3G network is unfortunately no longer able to meet these expectations. Therefore, Elisa has focused on a solution where we will offer customers internet on 4G and 5G technologies in the future. In terms of calls, consumers will not feel a significant change, because depending on the phone's capabilities, the call service will continue to work either on the 2G network or on 4G VoLTE call technology.

Accordingly, in 2024, Elisa will start the plan to close the 3G network, which will be completed by the end of the same year. We have already started preparatory work, where we will focus all our attention on ensuring the smoothest possible transition for the customer, where we will expand Elisa's 2G and 4G networks and further develop the latest 5G network.

It is important to know that in 2023, Elisa will not close the 3G network in any county, but will focus entirely on preparatory work, testing and informing customers. We put the main emphasis on making the transition as smooth as possible for Elisa's customers.

Customers can check by their number and SIM card whether it is necessary to replace the SIM card or the device in Annika's environment.