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Nielsen survey: 42% of all talktime loaded onto Elisa prepaid cards in Q1


Nielsen survey: 42% of all talktime loaded onto Elisa prepaid cards in Q1

According to a survey conducted by the polling company Nielsen, in the first quarter of 2018 a total of 42% of all of the talktime on the prepaid card market in Estonia was loaded onto Elisa cards, which are the most widely used prepaid cards in the country.

Andrus Hiiepuu , the head of Elisa’s Private Client Unit and a member of the company’s management board, says that customer satisfaction with Elisa’s prices and the quality of its services is the reason behind this figure. “People in Estonia prefer our prepaid cards because we offer them high-quality, high-speed Internet and competitively priced plans,” he said. “With prepaid cards you can choose a new plan or an Internet pass every month depending on your needs, and since there’s no need to sign any contracts in order to be able to use the cards they’re also popular among younger users.”

Elisa offers two prepaid card brands in Estonia: Zen, which has the biggest customer base on the local market; and the Elisa prepaid card. The survey revealed that 42% of all talktime on the Estonian prepaid card market was loaded onto these cards in the first three months of 2018, with as much as 27.3% being loaded onto Zen prepaid cards alone.

The Zen clients who took part in the survey said that they use the prepaid card because of the affordable plans, which provide unlimited Internet and allow you to make calls and send text messages, all for a fixed fee. They also said that they prefer the cards to a contractual service because it means they have no obligations and all of their costs are kept in check.

They also prefer prepaid cards as a payment solution because it allows them to control their spending and offers them freedom. Everyone can choose for themselves how much talktime they load each month, or even choose not to load anything at all, without losing the ability to use the service.

The Nielsen survey is based on resale figures for prepaid cards for the preceding quarter.