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Elisa and ZEN calling cards now have VoLTE support for voice calls with better quality and faster initiation



In this year’s third quarter, we opened VoLTE support for Elisa and ZEN calling card customers so that customers can make faster voice calls with higher quality.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) or LTE (4G) is a technology for making voice calls that allows you to make calls over the LTE network intended for data communication. For this, a private network is created from the phone to Elisa's core network, which is quality controlled and has a higher priority than internet traffic. With this solution, you can simultaneously talk and use the Internet in the 4G network. In other words, the calls take place in the 4G network instead of the previous 2G/3G, which provides a faster connection and clearer sound. In addition, reception in indoor conditions also improves. As the LTE coverage weakens, the call is smoothly transferred to the 3G network.

 Benefits of VoLTE?

  • Considerably faster call initiation - saves time and battery.
  • The phone stays on the faster LTE network during the call. If you work using a hotspot, for example, you can continue working during the call. If VoLTE is not turned on, the internet will be interrupted during the call;
  • Better coverage, as the LTE network uses a lower frequency of 800 MHz;

VoLTE calling requires a device that supports the service and must be enabled to use the LTE (4G) network. If these prerequisites are met, the VoLTE service can be turned on and off in the phone settings. Generally, VoLTE calls are turned on by default in the phone settings.

Instructions for checking VoLTE status can be found on Elisa webpage or ZEN webpage .